Martha Mariyam Samajam

The ‘Martha Mariyam Samajam’ In this Parish is a very active spiritual organization. Members meet on every Saturday at 6.00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. Bible reading, a message by Vicar/one of the participants/special invitee and a final prayer are the usual agenda for the meeting. There are monthly and quarterly meetings also in addition to the regular weekly meetings. Members of the Samajam have participated in several competitions at the Diocese and Akhila Malalnkara level and won first positions. Most of the members have passed the POCE/DOCE/GOCE examinations though some of them are above 60 years by age. They continue to learn the Holy Bible as per syllabus provided from the Centre. The parish has Friday prayer meetings. Martha Mariyam Samajam is a major presence in this assembly.

Marion Play Home is a Social Service arm of the Martha Mariyam Samajam. This unit is an active participant in their activities to provide social service to the needy. Navajyothi MOMS is another sister organization of the Samajam. This Parish has a unit of Navajyothi MOMS.

Mrs.D.Marykkutty is the Secretary of the Samajam. Mrs.Annamma Paul is the Joint Secretary and Mrs.Amminikkutty V. I. serves as the treasurer. Mrs Sunitha Mathew, Mrs.Sheeja mary Jacob and Mrs.Leena Abraham serves as Secretary, Joint Secretary nad Treasurer respectively of the Navajyothi MOMS.

Mrs Sosamma Alex of our parish represented the Trivandrum Diocese during the quiz competition held at Chennai during the Aklila Malankara Conference of the Martha Mariam Samajam. She won the third prize, from among 24 teams representing various dioceses.