Thekkan Parumala is a Parish attached to the Thiruvananthapuram Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church. H H Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicose of the East is the supreme head of the Church. For the sake of administrative convenience the whole Church is divided into several Dioceses, headed by a Diocese Metropolitan. H G Gabriel Mar Gregoriose is the Metropolitan for Thiruvananthapuram Diocese. His Grace reports to the Catholicose.

Rev.Fr.Kuriakose Thomas Prakash, M.TH., is the Vicar of the Parish from May 2012. He is assisted by a Managing Committee of 14 elected members including Trustee and Secretary of the Parish, for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Parish. The Managing Committee meets at least once in a month and takes a review of the state of affairs and makes suitable recommendations to the General Body of the Parish (GB) on policy matters/matters requiring approval of the GB. The General Body meets at least twice in a year as required by the Constitution of the Church. However it meets more number of times to take review and formulate policy decisions. It has already met 6 times in 2012.

The Manging Committee is constituted by:

Name Designation   Phone Roll No
Rev. Fr. Mathew Philip Vicar


Rev. Fr. Gheverghese Pallivathukkal Assistant Vicar


Jacob Philip Trustee 9895438840 98
P.G George Secretary



Sonu John (Ward 1) Member 8547883734 44
Mathen Panicker (Ward II)  Member 9847130775 266
O.J Babu (Ward III)  Member 9447658088 89
Sajan George(Ward IV) Member 9447103869 481
Jerry Mathew(Ward  V) Member 2730103 209
George Jacob (Ward   VI) Member 9895857322 38
Frenchi Philip (Ward  VII) Member 9995438329 232
Thomas Philip (Ward  VIII) Member 9037500854 97
Renji Mathew (Ward   IX) Member 9446509170 328
P.T Samuel(Ward  X) Member 9446537750 102
Gracy Peter (Ward  XI) Member 9387841348 58
Rosamma Achankunju (Ward  XII) Member 9447021352 318




Spritutal organizations such as Sunday School, Martha Mariyam samajam, etc are also functioning in the Parish, the details of which are given elsewhere.