This Parish, popularly known as ‘Thekkan Parumala’ took its origin as a Chappel of the St.George Orthodox Valiya pally, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram in the year 1976. Subsequently, it was elevated as a Parish of the Thiruvananthapuram Diocese of the Orthodox Church in May 1985. H.H. Moron Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews II has declared it as ‘Thekkan Parumala’ in Januray 2001. It has about 400 member families in its fold to-day.

A look at the past depicts memorable pictures of growth, the Parish has accomplished over the years at a fast pace. Being a new Parish, there were no existing members when it was constituted. From that level, the number of membership has grown to the current level by the sincere efforts of the first and successive team, lead by the respective Vicars. Major milestones in the growth of the Parish can be listed as under:

Formation of the St.Gregorios Chappel 1976
Constitution of the Parish 1985
Extension of the then existed Church building 1988
Re-construction of the new, spacious Church building completed 2001
Installation of the Holy Remains of Parumala Thirumeni 2001
Declaration as ‘Thekkan Parumala’ by H H Baselios Marthoma Mathews I 2001
Silver Jubilee Celebration of Parish 2010

Thekkan Parumala is known all over the Malankara for several reasons. The spirit of brotherhood maintained by its members, the outstanding performance of the Sunday School students and the Martha Mariyam Samajam members in various competitions held at the Diocese and the Akhila Malankara level are some such points. The Parish continues to retain its position.

Thekkan Parumala is already recognized as a Pilgrimage centre. Devotees without religious barriers visit the Church and the Shrine housing the Holy Remains of Parumala Thirumeni to find relief through their prayers here. There are several testimonies of devotees to vouch for this.

This Parish is also known for its unity among members. The members find themselves as members of the same family. This ‘one family’ tradition is cherished right from the formation of the Parish.